HASHDHypertensive Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease
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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior member of the Iraqi parliament's Security and Defense Committee said that preliminary results of investigations show that an Israeli drone backed by the US has bombed Hashd al-Shaabi (popular forces') positions near Baghdad.
Abu Raqif noted that the recent blast in Hashd al-Sha'abi's weapons cache in Southern Baghdad might have also been a sabotage move by the Tel Aviv regime.
An unmanned drone on July 19 bombed a base operating by Hashd al-Shaabi (Iraqi popular forces) in Iraq with sources saying two people were wounded.
The attack on the Hashd al-Sha'abi base comes as the United States has sought to pressure Baghdad against the PMU.
Karim al-Aliwi, a member of the parliament's Security and Defense Commission, told the Arabic-language al-Ma'aloumeh news website that investigations have shown that the Israeli drones have attacked Hashd al-Shaabi positions in several Iraqi provinces but the US is exerting pressure on the government not to release the results.
Both Daesh and the Hashd have been blamed for the deliberate razing by fire of thousands of acres of farmland, ruining livelihoods and destroying food reserves.
Asharq Al-Aswat then referenced an alleged attack by the Israeli Air Force on Hashd Al-Shaabi's Ashraf base, which was previously used by the dissident People's Mujahedin of Iran (MEK)
The Hashd are recognised as an autonomous unit under the civilian National Security Council.
Iraqi parliament passed on Saturday a law regarding the Shi'ite militia Hashd al-Shaabi which is knwon as 'Hashd Law' to legally recognize the militia as a force parallel to the Iraqi security forces in the country.
The Hashd al-Sha'abi in a statement reported that two Israeli drones struck its military positions in Akashat-Alqaem Road in al-Anbar province 15 kilometers from the border with Syria.
The Hashd Al-Sha'abi official, Mu'in Al-Kazhimi, was quoted by Baghdad Today as saying that Iraq has reached stability and does not need the U.S.
Iraqi government alwys talks about the victories of the Hashd al Shaabi militia groups, and has till now announced complete recapture of Beiji town from ISIS.