HASMHuman Airway Smooth Muscle
HASMHierarchical Adaptive Structure Mesh (computer engineering)
HASMHuman Aortic Smooth Muscle (physiology)
HASMHigh Availability Solutions Manager (software; web-based management)
HASMHybrid Aggressive Space Mapping
HASMHigh Availability Storage Management
HASMHanford Analytical Services Management
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2]-adrenergic responsiveness in A549 and HASM cells can be explained by inhibition of [[beta].
On the other hand, if the received frame is secured, the FC sends it to the HASM module in order to check the frame's security suite, and then the HASM requests the frame's security suite information to the HASDE.
Otherwise, the FM sends the packet to the HASM module in order to check the frame's required security suite based on the network and data attributes from the packet header.
Although, dexmethasone is also a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, the researchers found that it had little effect on HASM growth.
The Department of State noted in a statement that these designations "seek to deny Ismail Haniyeh, Harakat al-Sabireen, Liwa al Thawra, and HASM the resources they need to plan and carry out further terrorist attacks.