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HASPHealth And Safety Plan
HASPHardware Against Software Piracy
HASPHouston Automatic Spooling Priority
HASPHealth and Safety Program (US OSHA)
HASPHardware Against Software Piracy (ProgressSoft Corp.)
HASPHouston Automatic Spooling Program
HASPHands on Science Program
HASPHeart Attack and Stroke Prevention (cardiology program)
HASPHomeowner Affordability and Stability Program (Federal National Mortgage Association)
HASPHigh Altitude Sampling Program
HASPHIV/AIDS Surveillance Program (various locations)
HASPHardware-Assisted Software Protection
HASPHigh-Altitude Sounding Projectile
HASPHawai'i Association of School Psychologists
HASPHealth Area Standards Profile
HASPHand Altitude Sounding Projectile
HASPHigh Accuracy Satellite Position
HASPHigh Altitude Sounding Probe
HASPHawaii Armed Services Police
HASPHouston Attached Support Processor
HASPHigh Accuracy Sensor Package
HASPHigh Altitude Space Platform
HASPHeuristic Adaptive Surveillance Project
HASPHouston Automatic Spooling Prioritizer
HASPHigh Altitude Surveillance Platform
HASPHelicopter Aircrew Survivability Program
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And the station gets no credit for quickly fixing the hasp.
The new stainless steel hasp from TOTAL LOCKOUT (SAFETY) LTD is manufactured entirely from 316 stainless steel, thereby making it highly resistant to corrosion in marine environments or environments where chemicals are used.
In addition, the scissor hasp can be used in conjunction with existing trapped key interlocking, providing a flexible and safe environment for workers in industrial areas.
Many of the cases analyzed by HASP have illustrated the multiple factors that are needed in order to make the environment safer.
According to the company, Aladdin HASP provides automatic wrapping of .
Puede solicitarse el kit de demostracion, HASP HL Developer kit, que incluye una llave demo totalmente funcional y software y guia para desarrolladores y programadores.
HASP HL Net--A hardware-based solution for protecting and licensing software used by multiple users in network environments and in the enterprise
For extra security, a padlock with a hasp and staple, fitted on each side of the door, is very effective.
HASP CD9 further advances the technology introduced in HASP4, Aladdin's next generation family of software protection keys.
leader in highway and traffic management software; Orbograph, a leading provider of recognition-centric software and services for the check processing and forms processing markets; and Tiltan, a leading provider of three-dimensional and two-dimensional modeling and simulation software and services, have all successfully taken advantage of Sentinel HASP's flexibility, and transitioned some or all of their product portfolios to SafeNet's Sentinel HASP SL in order to protect their high-value IP and reap the benefits of software-based licensing solutions.
However, the National Weather Service revealed that the so-called UFO was a HASP 643N - a High Altitude Student Platform balloon that was sent up to research things like wind patterns and air quality, Fox News reported.
The program identifies eligible borrowers, performs due diligence and integrates HASP guidelines with lender and investor programs to quickly create an electronic modification package for each borrower.