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HASSHumanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (college department)
HASSHousing and Adult Social Services (UK)
HASSHIV/AIDS Surveillance System
HASSHighly Accelerated Stress Screening
HASSHuman Arts and Social Sciences (various organizations)
HASSHigher, Adjacent, Support, Security
HASSHousing and Supportive Services (Division of Disability and Aging Services; Vermont)
HASSHigh Availability Storage System
HASSHumanitarian Assistance for South Sudan
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Una colonia de Oligonychus punicae se desarrollo en plantas de aguacate variedad Hass de un ano de edad, mediante una serie de colectas de varios huertos del area aguacatera de Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico.
Peru began exporting avocados to the UK nearly 10 years ago, but Hass are more widely associated with Chile, Israel and South Africa.
Praticamente nao houve diferenca entre as variedades Hass e Fortuna quanto a distribuicao da porcentagem de pegamento em funcao dos meses do ano (Figura 1), observandose valores maximos de 42,5 e 70%, respectivamente, para as variedades Hass e Fortuna, no mes de novembro.
In Guatemala, the principal bloom for Hass avocados occurs during Dec through Feb and fruit set from this flowering period is the major crop that is harvested.
Hass gives a better sense of poetry's scope in his shorter, haikulike poems.
These bikers may look rough on the outside, but once they start cooking with Hass avocados, we discover that they're really nice and 'smooth' on the inside.
In October, the program will be in San Jose for Comprehensive HALT and HASS and Physics of Failure Oct.
wanderer, Hass examines longing's fold back into the world, its
Hass, a Catholic, has produced 2,000 bottles in his kitchen and is selling them online at thepopescologne.
Hass develops her theoretical account of a historically variable structure of perception by means of two, somewhat difficult, terms of art that appear in her title, Blick (view) and Auge (eye), which she uses to refer to basic styles or modes of seeing.
By contrast, HASS can be used to stress all products in case a latent defect occurs that did not arise during HALT.
Hass, of the Teachers College, Columbia University, New York.