HASWAHealth and Safety At Work Etc. Act (UK; also seen has HSWA)
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--Ali al-Moussawi, adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, denies calling on Assad to resign -- 4 Killed and 17 others wounded during bombing at Iraqi Shiite pilgrim restaurant in Haswa.
A suicide bomber blew up a minibus in front of a restaurant used by Shiite pilgrims in the Iraqi town of Haswa on Thursday, killing four people and wounding 17 others, Reuters cited security sources as saying.
Police said the blast in Haswa, 15 miles east of Fallujah, targeted Emad and Ayad al-Halbousi, brothers who had served as leaders of Sahwa, Arabic for Awakening, a tribal gathering that helped defeat insurgents in Sunni regions with US support.
On June 20, 2007, suspected members of a Shi'a militia reportedly detonated a bomb inside a Sunni mosque in Haswa, south of Baghdad.
16 killed as a car bomb exploded near their convoy in the town of Haswa, just south of Baghdad; three police officers were wounded.
The bomb targeted a police vehicle as it was passing on a main road near the town of Haswa, 30 miles south of Baghdad, said police captain.
In a separate incident at Haswa, 25 miles south of the capital, also on Saturday, Iraqi troops opened fire on civilian vehicles, killing at least 14 people, after a US convoy came under attack.
Up to 20 people were also killed when Iraqi forces opened fire on six vehicles, including three minibuses, after a US convoy was attacked in the central Iraqi town of Haswa.
In the worst incident, 14 people were killed and 17 hurt when their bus detonated a roadside bomb at Haswa, 31 miles south of Baghdad.
The Baghdad Operations Command said, in a press statement that the security forces carried out a search operation in the area of Haswa within the sector of Abe Gharib, led to tackling (5) explosive devices and found (19) lined bombing, and two AK rifles, and RBG7, while other troops carried out a search operation in the area of Abeed Al-Sahar within the Sector south of Baghdad and found two missiles Strla type "./ End
Construction of a fence, a room for the instruments, also a concrete basement for a metallic tower at Al Haswa location next to Wadi Firan telephone exchange in south Sinai.