HATRHazardous Air Traffic Report
HATRHorizontal Attenuated Total Reflection
HATRHypoxanthine-Aminopterin-Thymidine Resistance
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The qualitative assessment was performed by overlapping HATR spectra of the sample at different exposure times and comparing the carbonyl bands at 1,713 [cm.sup.-1] and the hydroperoxides bands between 3,600 and 3, 200 [cm.sup.-1].
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FTIR spectra were recorded using a Thermo-Electron AVATAR 370 Smart ARK with a 45[degrees] HATR Germanium plate.
Infrared absorbance spectra were measured over the range of 4000-500 cm[-.sup.1] and horizontal attenuated total reflectance (HATR) (Gemini, Spectra-Tech) was used for transfer of infrared radiation.
Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectra were recorded on a Perkin Elmer BX II using Spectrum software with a horizontal multiple bounce attenuated total reflectance (HATR) accessory using a zinc selenide crystal at an incident angle of 45 [degrees].
Brandan, "Spectroscopic and structural studies on lactose species in aqueous solution combining the HATR and Raman spectra with SCRF calculations," Carbohydrate Research, vol.
Data were collected on a Nicolet Magma 550 spectrometer (local) equipped with accessories for horizontal attenuated total reflectance (HATR) using the surface of a ZnSe crystal.
Mansia met Saddam when he visited her village Al Hatr in 1983 to look at ancient ruins.
He updated two safety boards located near the SOC desk in order to provide aircrews with the most up-to-date BASH and HATR information.
Events that meet proper criteria may also require other reporting, such as a Hazardous Air Traffic Report (HATR).