HATRHazardous Air Traffic Report
HATRHorizontal Attenuated Total Reflection
HATRHypoxanthine-Aminopterin-Thymidine Resistance
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One can report any unsafe action event or condition encountered during any portion of a flight or mission, or any hazardous situations not reported by other methods, such as safety reports or HATRs.
While preparing to jettison his stores, he experienced a HATR event.
TSgt Cowart enhanced the IFE trending data program to track/identify possible failure trends early and prevent future mishaps, tracking over $1M in mishaps to ensure implementation of recommendations--directly supporting 2 Class-B/2 Class-C SIBs, 1 HATR, and 1 HAP.
HATR avoidance campaign and disciplined procedural execution; comprehensive/objective analysis of IFEs; mishap trend analysis; BASH-25 kills; acquisition of helmet lights and clear JHMCS visors for improved safety during night/dusk/dawn flight ops; diligent Opsec measures; Stan-Eval knowledge reinforcement-bimonthly CAPs, MQF tests, read-files; and superior vigilance by all 14 EFS personnel.