HATTSHemagglutination Treponemal Test for Syphilis
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There has been speculation over the years about whether the much older Turi and Demant Hatt were romantically involved.
Eventually, an atlas of fourteen drawings was included in Muitalus samiid birra, accompanied by Demant Hatt's text based on what Turi told her was happening in the pictures.
At times the relationship between Turi and Demant Hatt has been simplified to depict him as the informant and her as the ethnographer, or to portray Turi as the writer and Demant Hatt as his muse, secretary, or housekeeper.
But little attention has been paid yet to the ways in which they might have stimulated each other as artists, particularly the effect that Turi's worldview and drawings might have had on Demant Hatt's Lapland paintings.
From late 1908, when she returned to Denmark with Turi's notebooks and began to transcribe and translate them into Danish, Demant Hatt was almost exclusively focused on Sami ethnography for the next dozen years.
During this time, from 1912 to 1916, Demant Hatt's ethnographic work consisted of interviewing, note taking, occasionally sketching, and simply living among the Sami, particularly in the southern districts of Sapmi, including the Swedish provinces of Jamtland and Vasterbotten.
A striking portrait by her good friend Olga Lau shows Demant Hatt wearing her tanned reindeer-skin dress; it was exhibited in 1910 at Charlottenborg's Spring Exhibition.
II Demant Hatt's decisive turn to a more expressionist modeof painting came, by her own account, when she visited a Copenhagengallery.
Yet it could easily be argued that Demant Hatt'sartwork from around 1920 was already changing and showing the influenceof nonrealistic art, which embraced distortion, altered perspectives,and expressed intense emotion.
Compared to Demant Hatt's earlier realistic art, theselinoleum prints are bold and vigorous, even occasionally violent.
Many of Demant Hatt's watercolors in a sketchbook fromthis year have a light, lively touch--pastel palm trees and peacocks,the sea and mountains behind.
It's in these few canvases that Demant Hatt comesclosest in her art to the primitivism of modern art, creating an exoticjungle world and portraying black, partially clothed, figures.