HATUHIV/AIDS Training Unit (Chicago, IL)
HATUHeavy Attack Training Unit (US Navy)
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8 mm) in separating common building blocks (uracil, 5-bromo-3-cyanopyridine, HATU, 2-hydroxycinnamic acid and phenyl acetic acid) used in the synthesis of APIs and in separating a mixture of water-soluble vitamins (nicotinamide, thiamine and nicotinic acid).
Another set of common building blocks--phenyl acetic acid, trans-2-hydroxycinnamic acid, uracil, HATU and 5-bromo-3-cyanopyridine-were separated using gradient conditions 1% to 20% B over 15 min (A: MeOH:H20:H2SO4 (95:5: 0.
05-M H2SO4 in the mobile phase helped decrease the retention time of HATU and 5-bromo-3-cyanopyridine by 4 min.