HAUTAHaryana Agricultural University Teachers Association (India)
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Hauta really appreciated being taught by highly experienced instructors who worked in the mining industry and shared stories of their time.
Hauta currently works for the Ventilation and Production Optimization (VPO) group at MIRARCO, a Sudbury not-for-profit industry innovation group.
The first resides in the distinction between objects perceptible in themselves (hath' hauta) and objects perceptible incidentally.
Against Frede and the more traditional interpretation, the author maintains that the distinction is not introduced by way of the pros alla/kath' hauta distinction, or by way of uses or senses of the verb "to be," but is established prior to the argument and is deployed in its frame.
What we have been calling the essentials is what Aristotle calls ta kath' hauta, that which things are "according to themselves," while the accidentals are what he calls ta sumbebekota, that which things are "by coincidence," that which they only "happen" to be.