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HAVHepatitis A Virus
HAVHand-Arm Vibration
HAVHallux Abducto Valgus
HAVHavana, Cuba - Jose Marti (Airport Code)
HAVHeap Analysis and Verification
HAVHeavy Armored Vehicle
HAVCaribbean Cigar Company (former stock symbol; now delisted)
HAVHampel Auxiliary-Vector (filtering procedure)
HAVHardware-Assisted Virtualization
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We assessed the role of food as a source of HAV in the Netherlands, a country with low-level endemic circulation of HAV.
HAV brought back the aircraft from the US military to UK for $301,000.
There was only 1 group available: hepatitis panel (hepatitis B surface antigen and anti-hepatitis C virus), which did not include HAV testing.
Army, which has already tested prototypes of a cousin of the HAV, the long-endurance, multi-intelligence vehicle (LEMV), which has been developed for surveillance purposes.
Six genotypes (I-VI) of HAV have been recognised and genotypes I, II and III are of human origin.
Only full-finger protected gloves are tested since HAVS always begins at the finger tips and moves toward the palm.
During the era of Soviet influence in Cuba, HAV was Cuba's sole connection to its allies in the communist bloc, while all flights to capitalist countries originated there too.
Phylogenetic analysis based on 5' non coding (5' NC) and nearly complete genome showed the evidence of HAV genotype IIIA in all the samples.
Bu yazida, akut hepatit A infeksiyonu sirasinda plevral efuzyon gelisen 8 yasinda kiz hastanin sunulmasi ve HAV infeksiyonunun nadir komplikasyonlarindan birisi olan plevral efuzyon ve patogenezinin tartisilmasi amaclanmistir.
In 2003, a Pittsburgh restaurant was the site of the largest recorded foodborne hepatitis A virus (HAV) outbreak; more than 500 people contracted HAV and three people died (Data et al.
Background: HCV infection with concurrent or superinfection with HAV or HBV has the potential to worsen the liver status of HCV-infected individuals.