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HAVAHelp America Vote Act of 2002
HAVAHarbor Association of Volunteers for Animals (Washington)
HAVAHampshire Authorised Validating Agency (education; UK)
HAVA5-Hydroxy-2-Aminovaleric Acid (biochemistry)
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Founded in 2007, HAVA has sponsored events in over 20 different states and has been able to heighten awareness of issues facing disabled veterans upon returning home.
Elalakano letu la kula okunghonopeka oukadona va kale hava kufa ombinga shi fike pamwe notava eta po elunduluko moshiwana, notwa hala oku va yambidida va kale tava dulu okuya kofikola ngaashi ovamati.
HAVA, by design, is not about those who run the organization or its sponsors and supporters.
He was attending one of our HAVA events and laughing and having a good time.
Around 95% of Rapa Nui's famous statues are carved out of volcanic stone but Moai Hava is crafted from the much harder basalt rock which makes it a unique relic and one of only a handful existing outside the island.
HAVA was formed by several concerned firearm and outdoor companies for the sole purpose of supporting disabled veterans and active-duty soldiers," said Tom Taylor, Chairman of HAVA.
The final provisions in HAVA reflect the intersection of two political and policy dynamics.
In 2003, a group of advocates and computer experts, largely unaffiliated with those working on HAVA implementation, began to call for states to ensure that any touch-screen voting machines purchased with HAVA funds were affixed to printers capable of reproducing a paper record of the votes cast.
The office's insufficient planning and poor management practices hampered its efforts to implement HAVA provisions in a timely way,'' State Auditor Elaine Howle wrote in her 60-page report.
Like the USA PATRIOT Act, HAVA passed on a knee jerk vote by congressional representatives who had little understanding of the ultimate ramifications of their vote.
Donated by GLOCK, a HAVA sustaining sponsor, the collectable gun has a value of approximately $4,000, a valuable heirloom sure to be handed down for generations by the lucky veteran's family.