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HAVANAHuman and Vertebrate Analysis and Annotation (UK)
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The Nova Scotia Moores investigated, and found she had got to Havana and discharged her cargo and took on another and left for home; and that was all they ever found out about her.
Felicite imagined that Havana was a place where people did nothing but smoke, and that Victor walked around among negroes in a cloud of tobacco.
Many years before, the American battleship Maine had been blown up in the harbour of Havana, and war with Spain had immediately followed--though there has always existed a reasonable doubt as to whether the explosion was due to conspiracy or accident.
The man himself sat at a shining, inlaid writing table which looked like a rare piece from a museum of art; his chair had a high, oval, carved back, upholstered in faded tapestry; and these objects made of the costly black Havana cigar, which he rolled incessantly from the middle to the left corner of his mouth and back again, an inexpressibly cheap and nasty object.
Untouched structures, which include nearly all of the built inventory in Vieja Havana and along the Malecon, show beautiful bones, but are in desperate need of plastic surgery.
The present dispute developed out of a Cuban rum trademark, "Havana Club." Havana Club was originally owned by a Cuban family and abandoned in 1973.
Just like in the Philippines, casual wear in Havana is low key fashion of lightweight natural fabrics like cotton and linen.
Paul Ramirez, vp, ecd, Team Enterprises, the agency behind the activation, calls it a "dream brief" that encouraged the team to be "bold." After pitching the Amparo concept to Havana Club, the agency hired playwright Vanessa Garcia and theater director Victoria Collado to bring the story to life.
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This has turned Havana into a bustling gay city lost in time.
Exploring is made easy as "Colorful Havana" begins with a map of the city followed by a corresponding index in both Spanish and English for each of the whimsically illustrated locations featured in the book.