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HAVIHome Audio Video Interoperability
HAVIHome Audio Video Interoperability (interoperability standard by eight major consumer electronics companies)
HAVIHome Audio and Video, Inc. (Fremont, CA)
HAVIHome Appliance Virtual Interface
HAVIHomograft Aortic Valve Incompetence (cardiology)
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CEO Mercy Wambua, in a letter last December, indicated that Havi did not qualify for failing to meet the basic requirements spelled out in LSK laws and the Constitution.
A ktbr alapja az adott szerzodsszegssel rintett gpjrmu(vek) 1 havi nett szolgltatsi dja.
HAVI said it remains committed to advancing sustainable solutions as a critical component of its supply chain service offerings, and RWS will continue to remain HAVI's preferred partner for recycling and waste solutions.
Our hybrid approach to infrastructure sourcing will continue to support HAVI and drive its data-based services across the complex supply chains of some of the world's brands.
They have all used the personal account and phenomenological approach shared by philosopher Havi Carel in her book, Illness: the cry of the flesh (Stocksfield, UK: Acumen, 2008), as a lens through which to reflect on their own experience of illness and its potential for teaching life lessons.
Another way to perform serverless backups is to use new routing technologies that incorporate active agents with embedded SCSI extended-copy commands, which allow the router to manage the transfer of data directly between disk and tape without havi ng to move data through servers.
Rival architectures include Sony Corp's HAVi specification.
Lawyers James Orengo, John Khaminwa, and Nelson Havi had asked to judge to restrain police from instituting any criminal case against the businessman in any court.
Mr tml" target="_blankNelson Havi, who unsuccessfully challenged the decision to bar him from contesting the LSK presidency, agreed with the young lawyers.
Montero said it is currently examining the various different home network systems such as Microsoft Corp's Plug 'n' Play architecture, Sun Microsystem's Jini technology and the Havi system pioneered by Sony Corp and others.
He says, in the application filed by lawyer Nelson Havi, that the summons are procedurally unfair.