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HAVSHand-Arm Vibration Syndrome
HAVSHillingdon Association of Voluntary Services (Yiewsley, England, UK)
HAVSHarrow Association of Voluntary Services (Harrow, England, UK)
HAVSHigh-Affinity Vanadate-Sensitive (biochemistry)
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However, HAVs appear to render a number of these safety standards obsolete or completely inapplicable.
HAV has been detected in recently imported captive primates after spontaneous outbreaks of acute hepatitis in animal facilities, but the definitive hosts of this virus have remained obscure (2,3).
This enables pre-existing HAVS sufferers to continue work in a controlled environment where exposure levels are safely reduced, preventing further deterioration.
It's limited to flying 85 knots (150 km/hour), and most flights will be below 3,000 feet to avoid strong winds, but with a hovercraft-type landing system, the HAV can land on everything from snow to muskeg to ice without need of a runway,
Reflex sympathetic vasoconstriction also may account for increased severity of noise-induced hearing loss in HAVS subjects.
The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 require employers to prevent or reduce vibration exposure that produces the risk of HAVS.