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HAWHands at Work (various locations)
HAWHomeopathy Awareness Week
HAWHeavy Airlift Wing (Hungary)
HAWHigh Activity Waste
HAWHeavy Anti-armor Weapon
HAWHoming All the Way
HAWHeavy Antitank/Assault Weapon
HAWHigh-Accuracy Weapon
HAWHigh Acid Waste
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You don't want to blaspheme or exploit the culture,' Haw explains.
Like all fables, Wow Wow and Haw Haw instructs its audience, but its lessons are not reducible to a pithy "moral of the story" statement, breaking with expectations for how fables end.
Lt Col Peer Geelen (RNLAF), the Director of Operations of the HAW Heavy Airlift Squadron (HAS), points out that training cooperation with the ANG units, the 100 ARW, and the 334 Sqn is an efficient solution to providing the 12 member nations of the SAC with access to C-17As capable of air-to-air refuelling.
Tennent's Paul Condron said: "Demand for something like Hee Haw has been there for some time - we expect that to increase now the legislative reform is in full effect.
Negotiating the challenging track superbly, Haw seized pole position by consistently posting lap times of two minutes and 39 seconds, more than three seconds quicker per lap than the rest of the micro series field.
Three weeks before the murder Haw was attacked at his home and had the top of his ear bitten off, the barrister said.
Things got so interesting people were talking about the situation and looked forward to what was go-ing to happen next and sometimes our newscaster had to pause to let Haw Haw finish what he was being on about.
Haw, of Redditch, Worcestershire, pitched up his tent in London's Parliament Square back in 2001 to protest against UK foreign policy and our backing for the US.
Brian Haw's dignified stance against British and US foreign policy for 10 years is remarkable and is in complete contrast to those MPs who voted for war after daily passing Brian Haw in Parliament Square.
Brian Haw was a dogged and determined protester who exposed the hypocrisy of politicians who demand freedom in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya but oppose it for British people.
Summary: Veteran anti-war campaigner Brian Haw has died at the age of 62.
London The ten-year long Parliament Square Peace Campaigner Brian Haw has died of lung cancer at 62, his family announced yesterday.