HAWCHealing Abuse Working for Change (Massachusetts)
HAWCHealth And Wellness Center (USAF)
HAWCHelp for Abused Women and Children
HAWCHigh-resolution Airborne Wideband Camera
HAWCHealth and Wellness Committee (various organizations)
HAWCHome for Abused Women and Children (Salem, Massachusetts)
HAWCHoming And Warning Computer
HAWCHawaii-American Water Company Inc.
HAWCHoneywell Autonomous Worldwide Control (Honeywell Aerospace Electronic Systems)
HAWCHigh-Resolution Airborne Wide-Bandwidth Camera (facility science instrument)
HAWCHigh Altitude Water Cherenkov telescope
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On the other end, in the TeV domain, while many imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes (MAGiC [332], HESS (9), and VERITAS (10)) and air-shower arrays (such as Milagro (11) and HAWC (12) [333]) have already been providing relevant results and have provided stringent constraints on DM annihilation [334], CTA will provide a further, unprecedented increase in sensitivity above the TeV.
In this paper we propose to adapt the Earth-Skimming technique to use it with the HAWC gamma-ray observatory, employing the Pico de Orizaba volcano as a target for the neutrino-nucleon interactions.
The discrepancy could be due to the fact that HAWC observes higher-energy gamma rays, or that the sources are too spread out for the other telescopes to find.
"We share the same values and mission as HAWC and by merging both organizations, we can collaborate to enhance the services our community receives."
The random selection process could be done centrally or at the wing level, and then sent down via the HAWC to unit fitness program managers.
As part of a new program called the Handicapped Americans for Wildlife Conservation (HAWC), Fort Sill (Okla.) is the first military installation to receive adaptable outdoor equipment.
Six years ago she founded Help Adolescents With Cancer (HAWC) - to provide an emotional lifeline for other young cancer sufferers.
Using data from the High-Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) Gamma-Ray Observatory in Mexico, the scientists found that two nearby pulsars - despite being the right age and at the right distance to be likely candidates for the excess positrons - are actually "surrounded by an extended murky cloud that prevents most positrons from escaping."
The Air Force Research Laboratory is partnering with DARPA and NASA on several efforts in that regard, including two flight demonstration programs called the hypersonic air-breathing weapon concept, or HAWC, and tactical boost glide, or TBG.
Name EXES Echelon-Cross-Echelle Spectrograph FIFI-LS Field Imaging Far-Infrared Line Spectrometer FLITECAM First Light Infrared Test Experiment Camera FORCAST Faint Object Infrared Camera for the SOFIA Telescope GREAT German Receiver for Astronomy at Terahertz Frequencies HAWC High-resolution Airborne Wideband Camera (ready in 2016) HIPO High-speed Imaging Photometer for Occultations Wavelengths Abbrev.