HAWTHorizontal-Axis Wind Turbine
HAWTHull Animal Welfare Trust (South Cave, Yorkshire, England, UK)
HAWTHave/Having A Wonderful Time
HAWTHealth and Wellness Training (Canada)
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The report on the work carried out by the HAWT in 2014 was presented to participants, as well as reports on activities of its overseas offices.
2010) The design of the power plant with vertical rotor arrangement is less complicated compared with HAWT and there is also high reliability of the whole system.
However, the HAWT generate the major chunk of revenue to the turbine market capturing approximately 90% share.
There was a wide expansion of HAWT systems installations in the recent 25 years at whole world.
The HAWT is an electric or manual height adjustable table/desk designed to satisfy various uses.
Both the HAWT and E20/20 TDRs have a user modifiable cable list that can be updated in the TDR or by using ETDR PC Vision software supplied with the TDR.