HAXLHouston Air Excellence in Leadership (clean air group; Austin, TX)
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After antigen retrieval, slides were blocked in PBS with 10% donkey (for hAXL staining) or goat (for vimentin and Ki67 staining) serum and incubated with primary antibodies overnight at 4[degrees]C.
MicroPET/CT imaging 24 h after injection of [sup.64]Cu-anti hAXL detected lower tumor radiotracer uptake in mice that received 17-AAG (once daily for 9 days at 60mg/kg/dose) than in control mice that received vehicle (n = 3/group; Figure 4(a)).
The expression of AXL and its downregulation by 17-AAG could be imaged and quantified by using the [sup.64]Cu-labeled hAXL. The use of this radioactive probe for noninvasive imaging of AXL, an important target for tumor metastasis and drug resistance, may provide valuable information about dose optimization, dose interval, and therapeutic efficacy for AXL-targeted molecular therapies.