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HAYHow Are You?
HAYHelping America's Youth (at-risk youth support program)
HAYHockomock Area YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association; Worcester, MA)
HAYHealthy Asian Youth (Asian American Community Services; Upper Arlington, OH)
HAYHounslow Action for Youth (UK)
HAYHouston Alumni and Youth (Houston, TX)
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cried Hindley, threatening him with an iron weight used for weighing potatoes and hay.
Here they inquire into the state and condition of the several districts; whether they abound or be deficient in hay or oats, or cows, or YAHOOS; and wherever there is any want
D'Artagnan went instantly to the hay dealer and bargained with him for a hundred and fifty trusses of straw, which he obtained, at the rate of three pistoles each.
The ladies heard the rustling of hay, and well understood the reason why Edwards was in the capacity of a teamster.
Though he made the best of his bad luck, he did not like his quarters at all; and the worst of it was, that more and more hay was always coming down, and the space left for him became smaller and smaller.
The Hay Denvers had hardly moved in before number two also struck its placard, and again the ladies found that they had no reason to be discontented with their neighbors.
he demanded, looking at her steadily; for he remembered her once telling him how she had brought the mare through one winter, five years before, when hay had gone as high as sixty dollars a ton.
The hay which we shall purchase for our horses this evening - I shall expect to find the stalks about fifty feet long.
money again, for your horse is turned to a bottle of hay, Master
Most of the hay was cut, but the last week had been very unfavourable; and now that fine weather was come at last, being determined to make the most of it, I had gathered all hands together into the hay-field, and was working away myself, in the midst of them, in my shirt-sleeves, with a light, shady straw hat on my head, catching up armfuls of moist, reeking grass, and shaking it out to the four winds of heaven, at the head of a goodly file of servants and hirelings - intending so to labour, from morning till night, with as much zeal and assiduity as I could look for from any of them, as well to prosper the work by my own exertion as to animate the workers by my example - when lo
There's nothing but hay left now,' the Messenger said, peeping into the bag.
Finally, not finding anything else in the manger, he tasted the hay.