HAYEHellenic Association of Young Entrepreneurs (Greece; young business owners group)
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I am convinced," said I, "that this Reuben Hayes knows all about it.
Reuben Hayes was arrested at Chesterfield, on my information, at eleven o'clock last night.
He came to the appointment, and found this fellow Hayes with a led pony.
I yielded--as I have always yielded--to his prayers, and instantly James hurried off to the Fighting Cock to warn Hayes and give him the means of flight.
This fellow Hayes had shod his horses with shoes which counterfeited the tracks of cows.
While in the midst of this bureaucratic house- cleaning he met Hubbard, who had just been appointed by President Hayes as the head of a commission on mail transportation.
A splendid seaman, I am certain, but a Bully Hayes grown old.
But from the rising ground near Hayes Barton, the house in which he was born, we catch sight of the sea.
Turning to the right at the cemetery, they climbed the Piedmont Heights to Blair Park and plunged into the green coolness of Jack Hayes Canyon.
Hayes told her he was too young to be a father and did not want her to have the baby.
The next thing we know we've got a notice of eviction from the port (of Garibaldi)," Hayes said, because the port required lessors to be insured.
For those who don't think they can survive an Antelope Valley winter without color in their garden, Hayes said his personal favorite plant is the leafy Nandina domestica, a plant of Japanese origin commonly known as heavenly bamboo, which turns a reddish pink in cold weather.