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HAYSHebersham Aboriginal Youth Service (Mount Druitt; South Wales, Australia)
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I told him I never bit anything but grass, hay, and corn, and could not think what pleasure Ginger found it.
If you are hurt, and want help, sir, I can fetch some one either from Thornfield Hall or from Hay.
cried Hindley, threatening him with an iron weight used for weighing potatoes and hay.
Here they inquire into the state and condition of the several districts; whether they abound or be deficient in hay or oats, or cows, or YAHOOS; and wherever there is any want
D'Artagnan went instantly to the hay dealer and bargained with him for a hundred and fifty trusses of straw, which he obtained, at the rate of three pistoles each.
The ladies heard the rustling of hay, and well understood the reason why Edwards was in the capacity of a teamster.
Though he made the best of his bad luck, he did not like his quarters at all; and the worst of it was, that more and more hay was always coming down, and the space left for him became smaller and smaller.
On the seventeenth of August Rostov and Ilyin, accompanied by Lavrushka who had just returned from captivity and by an hussar orderly, left their quarters at Yankovo, ten miles from Bogucharovo, and went for a ride- to try a new horse Ilyin had bought and to find out whether there was any hay to be had in the villages.
Within a few weeks the card had vanished from number one, and it was known that Admiral Hay Denver, V.
I couldn't afford to keep her with hay forty-five dollars a ton," Dede answered.
He pointed to the truss of hay and said: "What are those two curious things sticking out of the hay?
The hay which we shall purchase for our horses this evening - I shall expect to find the stalks about fifty feet long.