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HAZHeat Affected Zone
HAZHannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (German newspaper)
HAZHealth Action Zone (est. 1977; initiative; UK)
HAZHazardous Cargo
HAZHIV/AIDS Zimbabwe (charity)
HAZHazleshurst (Amtrak station code; Hazlehusrt, MS)
HAZHike Arizona (online forum)
HAZHAWK Assignment Zone
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The goal then was to minimize the extent of the HAZ and fusion zone to achieve properties approaching those of the parent ductile iron.
Representatives for Merseyside HAZ collected the accolade at the Association of Healthcare Communicators Communicating Health Awards, in Harrogate.
The section was placed in a metallographic mount, polished and etched to reveal details in the microstructure, which allow analysis of HAZ phase content and microhardness.
We performed univariate analysis of the HAZ and the WHZ using a t-test, or a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and post hoc t-test with Bonferroni correction, to compare means.
An FTIR spectrometer Excalibur FTS3000, connected to UMA5000 Shadow Pro infrared microscope (Bio-Rad, Cambridge, MA), was used to analyze 5-[micro]m sections that were obtained from the HAZ in the x-y plane.
One of the definitive factor influenced to the weld quality and HAZ properties is the shape and dimensions of weld material, mainly the weld material thickness.
The borough's health authority was selected to become a HAZ two years ago in a scheme to channel extra money into tackling poverty-related health problems.
The residual stresses in other zones are smaller than these maximum values, and the BM adjacent to the HAZ, as well as the processed layer contains compressive residual stresses of low values.
Another pounds 4 million is being set aside for a new HAZ innovation fund which aims to encourage ideas for tackling ill health at an early stage.
The main issues of welding copper with low carbon steel are related to the weldability of these metals; cracks may occur in HAZ of the low carbon steel, and fragile intermediate layers may form in the carbon steel.
If approved, the HAZ will be launched next May and run for five years.
However, laser milling is based on the thermal interaction between the laser beam and the composites, which produces a HAZ [6].