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HAZHeat Affected Zone
HAZHannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (German newspaper)
HAZHealth Action Zone (est. 1977; initiative; UK)
HAZHazardous Cargo
HAZHIV/AIDS Zimbabwe (charity)
HAZHazleshurst (Amtrak station code; Hazlehusrt, MS)
HAZHike Arizona (online forum)
HAZHAWK Assignment Zone
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You know how it is, Miss Carr; his pretty, gal-like face and little moustaches haz cost him half a dozen scrimmages already.
HAZ EL TETRIS: Coloca los objetos mas pesados como los zapatos antes y rellena todos los huecos disponibles.
AW6082-T6 aluminium alloy must be welded with care, because with less than 1% Mg and 1% Si, it has a turn to crack, particularly in the HAZ due to relatively high heat input.
Sections from four different pipes were used to investigate the FCGRs of base metal, weld metal, and the HAZ associated with the weld.
Se trata de un aro de luz capaz de generar un haz muy intenso y con ello es posible activar supermicroscopios, ademas de ayudar a identificar movimientos de la corteza terrestre con anticipacion.
Los vortices superpuestos con longitud de onda de 405 nm, si bien no manifiestan comportamiento organizado en el diferencial de las absorbancias (figura 5), como el descrito por la fuente de 450 nm (figura 4), si refleja un incremento en el diferencial de la reaccion en todos los tiempos de estudio de la matriz con respecto a la carga topologica del haz proyectado.
The following experimental procedure, as well as provided analysis, is one [6] of a possible approaches [10] to gain reasonable sense about intensity and distribution of a welded joints weakening within HAZ / CG-HAZ.
With the extension of the specimen, yielding first occurs in the HAZ of the AA 6061 side as shown in Figure 4(b).
Microstructure samples were machined with 10 mm x 10 mm x 5 mm, which ensured that the specimen contained base metal (BM), heat affected zone (HAZ), and weld zone (WZ).
The HAZ will also cover the town centre conservation area, with the aim being to take the town centre off Historic England's 'at risk' register by bringing some of its key historic buildings back to life.
Age, weight, height and gender were taken to calculate anthropometric indices, including height for age (HAZ), weight for Age (WAZ), and weight for height (WHZ).