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HAZHeat Affected Zone
HAZHannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (German newspaper)
HAZHazardous Cargo
HAZHIV/AIDS Zimbabwe (charity)
HAZHike Arizona (online forum)
HAZHAWK Assignment Zone
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Depending on the composition of the parent metal and the filler material used in the weld, the metal in the HAZ may be stronger or weaker than the parent metal.
Significant grain growth was observed at HAZ as the number of repairs increased.
In the case of ferritic filler metal, the cracks appeared at the top of the "V", in the inner side and out of the HAZ (Figures 10 and 13).
2] as assist gas, the minimum kerf width and HAZ (the maximum savings of material) were obtained with the following conditions:
An FTIR spectrometer Excalibur FTS3000, connected to UMA5000 Shadow Pro infrared microscope (Bio-Rad, Cambridge, MA), was used to analyze 5-[micro]m sections that were obtained from the HAZ in the x-y plane.
The parent ductile iron's HAZ/ fusion zone and the welding material had a ductile/brittle transition temperature lower than -4F (-20C), while the steel HAZ was embrittled at low temperature.
The section was placed in a metallographic mount, polished and etched to reveal details in the microstructure, which allow analysis of HAZ phase content and microhardness.
In the HAZ, the variable nature of the material sampled under the fatigue pre-crack, results in a variable performance of CTOD values.
We performed univariate analysis of the HAZ and the WHZ using a t-test, or a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and post hoc t-test with Bonferroni correction, to compare means.
Representatives for Merseyside HAZ collected the accolade at the Association of Healthcare Communicators Communicating Health Awards, in Harrogate.
Besides producing a small HAZ, Primoceler's new technology makes it possible to bond silicon and glass hermetically without adhesives.