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HAZELHomogeneous Assembly Zero Energy Laboratory
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To this the duchess said, "Sancho, my friend, mind what you are saying; it seems you could not have seen the earth, but only the men walking on it; for if the earth looked to you like a grain of mustard seed, and each man like a hazel nut, one man alone would have covered the whole earth."
Back in the house, she applied the ice to the base of Billy's brain, placed hot irons to his feet, and bathed his head with witch hazel made cold by resting on the ice.
Hazel died two years ago at the age of 84 and over the past three months students from Greenhead College have been making a special video.
When Hazel is introduced to Romanian Lord Petrescu, she learns that she has royal heritage.
With her flawless handling of a gritty role at such a tender age, Hazel is already drawing comparisons to Saoirse Ronan.
At one point in the trailer, Hazel admits to Louie that she has never had a boyfriend before, and even asked him: 'Pwede bang ikaw na lang maging first boyfriend ko (Will you be my first boyfriend)?'
Hazel was a managing director of the Brookside Homes and Gardens Centre, in Lanarkshire, but had to leave as she couldn't continue working during treatment.
And hazel offers an attractive green backdrop that changes colour in autumn and reveals the decorative twisting branches in winter.
On Sunday night, TLC aired episode 6 of the reality series, which continued to fuel speculations that Hazel was a gold digger and only wanted to be with Tarik so he could take her to America.
Happy Lachie, Kim, Erin, Hazel and Harris are all smiles
Now, Hazel leads the Philippine unit of the combined Oracle NetSuite tech giant.
Hazel - who has been blind since birth - turned to her local paper for help and we shared her story over three days, challenging the DWP over its decision.