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HAZUHrvatska Akademija Znanosti I Umjetnosti (Croatian: Croatian Academy of Science and Arts)
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Knjiga je tiskana zahvaljujuci sredstvima Zaklade HAZU i Ministarstva znanosti, obrazovanja i sporta RH.
Hazu et al., "Sleep and circadian rhythm disturbance in bipolar disorder," Psychological Medicine, vol.
In 1896, this erudite, polyglot and cosmopolitan became an honorary member of the Yugoslav Academy of Arts and Sciences (current Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, HAZU) and the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia.
Zavod za Povijesne Znanosti, HAZU: Zagreb-Dubrovnik
Kamenarovic: Existence theorems for ruleds surfaces in the Galilean space [G.sub.3], Rad HAZU Math., 456(1991), No.
The material is inventoried in 26 groups and entered into the inventory book located at the Institute for the history of Croatian music at the HAZU (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts).
Institute for the history of Croatian music at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (HAZU) carries out scientific work, namely, analyzes and evaluates Croatian musical heritage, and promotes the work of Croatian composers.
Mamoru Yamamoto, 68, of Nakamura Ward, Nagoya, set off on his 9.12-meter-long yacht Taiyo from the township of Hazu, Aichi Prefecture on July 11.
Fumio Hazu, 42, managing director of Hokusetsu, said, ''Restaurants are our only overseas market.
During a Saturday lecture he delivered in the town of Hazu in Aichi Prefecture, Abe said, ''What is important is to continue to make the visit to the shrine for many consecutive years.''
FEMA has invested $40 million since 1997 developing and improving the HAZUS model.