HAZUS-MHHazards United States Multi-Hazard (US FEMA)
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The approach taken with this research was to relate epidemiological heuristics to population demographics in order to pro-duce estimates of victims produced by occurrence of a disaster (De Boer & Debacker, 2006; Kenny, 2012; HAZUS-MH, 2012).
The external data provided in Table 4 represents public-domain data (HAZUS-MH, 2012, U.S.
HAZUS-MH: Software program for estimating potential losses from disasters.
Twenty-seven HAZUS-MH user groups--cooperative ventures among
private, public, and academic organizations that use the HAZUS-MH
The modeling predicts that of the 105 Mississippi hospitals in the HAZUS-MH data base, only 74 are likely to be functional immediately after the earthquake.
The HAZUS-MH code can also estimate deaths and injuries, which will vary according to the time of the earthquake.
In addition to furnishing information as part of earthquake mitigation efforts, HAZUS-MH can also be used to support real-time emergency response activities by state and federal agencies after a disaster.
2:00 DAM BREAK SCENARIO MODELING IN FRANKLIN COUNTY, GA USING FEMA'S HAZUS-MH SOFTWARE**, Kyle Dalton and Sudhanshu S Panda, Institute of Environmental Spatial Analysis, Gainesville State College, Gainesville, GA.