HBAIHouseholds Below Average Income
HBAIHealth and Behavior Assessment and Intervention (Medicare; US DHHS)
HBAIHome Builders Association of Iowa
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Franz has been a HBAI member since 1994 and completed a four-year process to become HBAIs 2018 president.
The HBAI, a chapter of the National Association of Home Builders, serves as the strategic ambassador between homebuilders and legislators.
Note this is slightly different from the Official HBAI numbers.
Broader measures of child poverty Material deprivation and Persistent low income (%) poverty (%) 1998/9 21 1993-1996 17 1994-1997 17 1995-1998 17 1996-1999 17 1997-2000 17 1998-2001 17 1999-2002 16 2004/5 17 2000-2003 14 2005/6 16 2001-2004 12 2006/7 16 2002-2005 11 2007/8 17 2003-2006 10 2008/9 17 2004-2007 10 2009/10 16 2005-2008 12 Source: DWP HBAI Statistics (2011), the material deprivation figure for 1998/9 is from Waldfogel (2011).
Incomes are expressed in April 1992 pounds per week using the HBAI 'RPI excluding local taxes' price index; for example, nominal incomes for 1979 are scaled up by a factor of about two to make them comparable with incomes for 1988/89.(5) To account for differences in household composition, money incomes are deflated by the official McClements equivalence scale.
Although there is no official poverty line in the UK - indeed the HBAI report always refers to 'low income', and never to 'poverty' - half the average income is used as the poverty line by many commentators.
HBAI income distributions summarize the distribution of personal living standards in a manner consistent with much of the income distribution literature: the income-receiving unit is the individual; and personal living standards are measured by household net income adjusted for differences in household size and composition.
The two tallest people in the 1990/91 HBAI data set are almost 30 yards high.
They had a mean HbAi, of 8.6%, but the range was wide, from 6.6% to 14%.
The figures are drawn from the government's own Households Below Average Income (HBAI) statistics.