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HBARHeavy Barrel Assault Rifle (weapon)
HBARHome Building Association of Richmond (Richmond, VA)
HBARHomeward Bound Animal Rescue Inc. (animal rescue; Bedford, TX)
HBARHeavy Barrel Automatic Rifle
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Hedera plans to release a fixed 50 billion 'hbar' tokens, which will be distributed in tranches over a 15-year period.
Energy = omega x hbar x R^2 = 20 x 2pi x (10^-34) x R^2 = (1/8) x (10^-31) x R^2
Exceptionally low vibration sensitivity constitutes another desirable characteristic of the HBAR. Unlike conventional bulk wave crystal resonators, the HBAR rigidly is mounted around the entire perimeter of the rectangular crystal blank.
On Wednesday Liverpool council's licensing committee agreed to let Natasha and Riad reopen Hbar as long as certain security measures were implemented.
HBAR devices have been operated in the 1 to 2 GHz frequency region as oscillators.
Some of my Colt HBAR barrels shot as well as all, and others didn't.
Ricky was at HBar on Victoria Street for the after party following his Audience With show at the Olympia.
However, their Match Target HBAR is available to the civilian market.
If loads were worked up in rifle with a NATO chamber (Colt HBAR, for instance), they will be over-pressure if used in a SAAMI chamber.