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HBARHeavy Barrel Assault Rifle (weapon)
HBARHome Building Association of Richmond (Richmond, VA)
HBARHomeward Bound Animal Rescue Inc. (animal rescue; Bedford, TX)
HBARHeavy Barrel Automatic Rifle
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Energy = omega x hbar x R^2 = 20 x 2pi x (10^-34) x R^2 = (1/8) x (10^-31) x R^2
Optimum performance is obtained for the HBAR over the entire UHF band when the device is operated on a very high overtone.
On Wednesday Liverpool council's licensing committee agreed to let Natasha and Riad reopen Hbar as long as certain security measures were implemented.
While none of the above items is in production yet, they could offer competition to SAW; HBAR for oscillators, FBAR for filter banks at microwave frequencies and BAW diffraction gratings in spectrum analyzers.
Ricky was at HBar on Victoria Street for the after party following his Audience With show at the Olympia.
If loads were worked up in a NATO chamber (Colt HBAR, for instance), they will be overpressure if used in a SAAMI chamber.