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HBATHanging By A Thread
HBATHydrogen Bond Analysis Tool
HBATHandbook Bulletin Air Transport (aviation)
HBATHit by A Train
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Prompt HBAT administration can reduce botulism morbidity and mortality.
HBAT contains equine-derived antibody to the seven known botulinum toxin types (A--G) with the following nominal potency values: 7,500 U anti-A; 5,500 U anti-B; 5,000 U anti-C; 1,000 U anti-D; 8,500 U anti-E; 5,000 U anti-F; and 1,000 U anti-G.
The HBAT FDA IND treatment protocol includes specific, detailed instructions for intravenous administration of antitoxin and return of required paperwork to CDC.