HBATHome Builders Association of Tennessee (Nashville, TN)
HBATHanging By A Thread
HBATHydrogen Bond Analysis Tool
HBATHandbook Bulletin Air Transport (aviation)
HBATHit by A Train
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Serum collected the day of symptom onset, before HBAT administration, tested negative for botulinum neurotoxin by MBA (on day 5); however, MALDI-TOF MS results available on day 41 confirmed botulinum neurotoxin type A.
Because paralysis can develop rapidly, HBAT should be administered empirically for most suspected botulism cases on the basis of clinical findings (3) to prevent progression or respiratory failure.
These symptoms are not unique to botulism; prompt treatment and heptavalent botulinum antitoxin (HBAT) administration can reduce botulism morbidity and mortality.
The disease and long-term sequelae can be reduced by prompt treatment and HBAT administration.
Prompt HBAT administration can reduce botulism morbidity and mortality.
The transition to HBAT ensures uninterrupted availability of antitoxin.
HBAT contains equine-derived antibody to the seven known botulinum toxin types (A--G) with the following nominal potency values: 7,500 U anti-A; 5,500 U anti-B; 5,000 U anti-C; 1,000 U anti-D; 8,500 U anti-E; 5,000 U anti-F; and 1,000 U anti-G.