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HBBDHappy Belated Birthday
HBBDHereditary Bundle Branch System Defect
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The analytical procedure used for structural identification of these compounds involved RMN [H.sup.1] and RMN [C.sup.13] (HBBD and DEPT [theta] = 135), with the contribution from bidimensional spectra of a homonuclear correlation of hydrogen and hydrogen ([H.sup.1], [H.sup.1]-COSY), as well as a heteronuclear correlation of hydrogen and carbon H, [C.sup.13]-[COSY-.sup.n][J.sub.CH] [n = 1 (HMQC) and n = 2 and n = 3, corresponding to HMBC and [H.sup.1], [H.sup.1]-NOESY, respectively.
Six models which have served as the basis for performance comparisons in magazine and television media schedules, among others, will serve as the estimation methods in this study of Web reach/frequency: (1) Binomial Distribution (BIN); (2) Beta Binomial Distribution (BBD); (3) Sequential Aggregation Distribution (SAD); (4) Dirichlet Multinomial Distribution (DMD); (5) Hofmans Beta Binomial Distribution (HBBD); and (6) Conditional Beta Distribution (CBD).