HBCCHeatsink Bottom Chip Carrier
HBCCHobsons Bay City Council (Victoria, Australia)
HBCCHosted Bus Controller Chip (Ford networking specification)
HBCCHill Brothers Chemical Company (est. 1923; Orange, CA)
HBCCHome Based Child Care (in-home day care services)
HBCCHale Barns Cricket Club (UK)
HBCCHistorically Black Collegiate Coalition
HBCCHome Brew Computer Club
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The heads of agreement established at the highest level the obligations of the former HBCC, the obligations of USQ, the establishment of a steering committee, the construction timetable for the new library building, site management, and building management.
The memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the former HBCC and USQ monitored the operational management of the joint use library, through a joint use library advisory committee (Julac).
Council libraries then took the decision to merge the library data from the amalgamated councils into the system installed at the Hervey Bay Library by HBCC.
Rather than apply the review report's recommendations, restructures within both USQ and HBCC introduced new management foci and a shift in the vision for the services.
Diagnosing patients who appear as HbAS, HbSS, HbAC, HbCC, or HbSC on either alkaline electrophoresis or HPLC, and who express the corresponding ethnicity and phenotype, have become relatively routine.
In individuals homozygous for variant Hbs, such as HbS5 or HbCC, modifications to the HPLC protocol, the algorithms used to calculate Hb [A.sub.1c], and the use of altered reference ranges have been proposed to provide more accurate determinations of in vivo concentrations of [HbX.sub.1c] (15).
Column method (Helena) in HbAC and HbCC samples (31).
Both HbCC and HbSC disease share the same confounding factors in the determination of gHb as HbS5 disease, although both entities produce a less severe anemia than sickle cell disease.
When dealing with populations in which HbS5, HbCC, or HbSC disease are common and in which gHb determinations have limited utility, laboratories should offer alternative forms of testing, such as GSPs or GSA, to assist physicians with the determination of glycemic control in these individuals.
The existing HBCC Library Services staff of executive officer, three librarians, four full time and eight part time staff is augmented by the USQ appointed and funded campus librarian who is responsible for collection development, user education, and client and reference services to USQ personnel.
The existing HBCC collection of some 90,000 titles has been supplemented by 3,000 USQ rifles (previously housed in the Hervey Bay Senior College Library) and 1,000 new acquisitions.
Community opposition to a two week loan trial has resulted in separate two and three week loan periods for USQ and HBCC items.