HBCFHeal Breast Cancer Foundation (Venice, CA)
HBCFHome Builders Charitable Foundation (est. 1997; St. Louis, MO)
HBCFHalf-Bridge Commutating Forward
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ABOUT HOME BUILDERS CARE: Founded in 1984, HBCF is a nonprofit charitable construction program affiliated with the Maryland-National Capital Building Industry Association (MNCBIA) a local chapter of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).
HBCF is a mandatory insurance product which builders are required to take out for residential building work over $20,000.
Le HBC El Biar l'a emporte facilement a salle Draa Ben Kheda devant l'ES Akbou (51-17), alors que le Groupement sportif des petroliers a battu difficilement a Oued Sly, le HBCF Arzew par 25-14.