HBCLHandball Club Lucq de Béarn (French handball club; Lucq-de-Bearn, France)
HBCLHarvard Broadband Communications Laboratory (Massachusetts)
HBCLHoney Brook Community Library (Honey Brook, PA)
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HBCL Investment Services Limited (HISL) has successfully purchased the entire issued and fully paid up ordinary shares of Enterprise Bank Limited from the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) in a deal for N56.
Collo - IRB Ouled Yaich Chelghoum Laid HBCL - AS Barika Azzefoun ESA - US Biskra An M'lila ASAM - USM Cheraga Ouargla OPOW CR Beni Thour - NRB EL Ogla Skikda JS Azzaba - USMBA Tissemsilt USBT - IB Lakhdaria Ain Fekroun CRBAF - NB Tougourt Bouakeul ASMO - NR Dely Brahim Tebessa UST - NR Bouakal Brakni USMB - OM Arzew Ain Defla SCAD - ASB Maghnia Mascara ARB Ghriss - NT Souf Relizane RCR - JSK Larbaa RCA - ORBG Bousbaa Khenchela CR Kais - JSD Jijel Tiaret ESB Dahmouni - RC Kouba El Harrach USMH - IRB Maghnia
Heritage Bank acquired the bank under its investment arm, HBCL Investment Services Limited and would now purchase all of the issued and fully paid up ordinary stocks of Enterprise Bank Limited, with approval from the board of directors of AMCON.