HBDCHoney Badger Don't Care
HBDCHigh Burden Developing Country (Cepheid)
HBDCHome Base Development Committee (US Navy)
HBDCHighwood Business Development Corporation
HBDCHolston Business Development Center (Kingsport, TN)
HBDCHydrogen Bond Donor Count
HBDCHuman Bone-Derived Cell
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At visibility of outgrowing HBDC, the medium was changed every 3 days.
HBDC, SaOs-2, or MG-63 cells were seeded on the different porous and mirror-polished (control) specimens in a density of 5 x [10.sup.4] cells/sample in 50 [micro]L medium in beforehand agarose coated 24-well plates.
MTT assays were carried out with two bone cell lines (SaOs-2 and MG-63) and with one bone-primary cell type (human bone-derived cells, HBDC) for each porous material (with n = 4) to study cell reactions (i.e., viability) either after one day or three days of culture.
HBdC, SaOs-2, and MG-63 viabilities are also enhanced after 3 days of culture (Figure 4(a)).
The MTT results (Figure 4(a)) of HBDC and MG-63 after one day show similar results, whereas the values for SaOs-2 on materials control ("Co") and "Small" are decreased.
The new venture called Co-Diagnostics HBDC LLC will sell testing products based on technology developed by DNA Logix and licensed to the JV, as well as provide services to middle- and low-income countries.
23 August 2013 - US nonprofit organisation Mentors International and Co-Diagnostics HBDC have agreed to reduce the prices of real-time PCR tests in the developing world, starting with tuberculosis, the parties said today.
Under the deal, Co-Diagnostics HBDC will provide low-cost testing reagents, while the organisation will use its international connections to establish low-cost testing facilities.
Co-Diagnostics HBDC is a joint venture between US molecular diagnostics company Co-Diagnostics Inc and DNA testing specialist DNA Logix Inc, focused on provision of diagnostic products for infectious diseases to high-burden developing countries (HBDC).
The new entity, Co-Diagnostics HBDC LLC, will be engaged in the sale of testing products and services based on DNA Logix's real-time PCR testing technology which it licensed to the JV.
It has been estimated that 90% of the global disease burden occurs in HBDC.