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Possivelmente, houve maior eficiencia no cuidado no HBDF, uma vez que se trata de um hospital de grande porte, que no segundo periodo do estudo passou a receber os pacientes com quadro clinico de maior gravidade, procedentes dos hospitais de medio porte.
Frequencia de internacao por acidente vascular cerebral isquemico antes e depois da instituicao de um protocolo de estabilizacao clinica sem uso de alteplase em cinco hospitais do Sistema Unico de Saude, Distrito Federal, Brasil 2006/2007 % do 2010/2011 % do Hospit (a,b) (No.) total (No.) total HBDF 725 30,6 1 301 24,9 HRC 473 19,9 1 090 20,9 HRG 44 1,8 585 11,2 HRT 0 0,00 395 7,5 HRAN 339 14,3 357 6,8 Outros 788 33,2 1 479 28,3 Total 2 369 100,0 5 207 100 (a) HBDF: Hospital de Base do Distrito Federal; HRC: Hospital Regional de Ceilandia; HRG: Hospital Regional do Gama; HRT: Hospital Regional de Taguatinga; HRAN: Hospital Regional da Asa Norte.
On May 5, 2017, according to information presented at the Seminar to discuss Public Health in the Federal District, promoted by the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District, the following requirements were raised for the full operation of the HBDF:
Aiming to allow the full operation of the already installed capacity in the HBDF and to meet the identified needs, the SHS-DF has envisioned the following strategies or priorities:
Given the wide-ranging and different types of difficulties, the SHS-DF started looking for legal-administrative models and arrangements capable of providing greater autonomy and flexibility to the HBDF, which would have a positive impact on results, quality and productivity.
The greatest difficulties faced by HBDF were related to the hiring of personnel and to the supply and services chain, as shown in the table above, and it is precisely in these topics that the OS and SSA models have autonomy and allow greater flexibility and consequent agility.
The legal text focuses on changing the legal and administrative management model of the HBDF. The care lines performed by the hospital have not changed due to the change in this model.
This is the materialization of the requested and intended strengthening for the HBDF, which, in its new legal framework, started to count on autonomy and flexibility for its demands and wishes of the society, through integral maintenance of the exclusive and free service to SUS users.
Also in relation to personnel, the Law expressly predicted that the employees that were allocated to the HBDF could be assigned to the Institute, providing they were submitted to the same evaluation procedures and performance targets applied to the employees of the IHBDF under the CLT regime, with the guarantee of preservation of all rights arising from the statutory legal regime.