HBDTHuman Basophils Degranulation Test
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Para cada condicion del HBDT, se usaron los resultados de los mapas estadisticos de regresion de todos los grupos (ver 2.3.2) para construir mascaras binarias.
The research objectives of this study include first, fabricating 3D-PN film by HBDT method; second, developing 3D-network structure of PN film with the novel additive combination (PEG 10000 and 1,4-butynediol) and undertaking preliminary exploration of the impacting mechanism of additives on the morphology of PN films.
Moreover, the more ideal 3D-PN film was fabricated by HBDT with the additive combination of PEG 10000 and 1,4-butynediol added into electrolyte.