HBFSHarder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Daft Punk song)
HBFSHepatobiliary Functional Scintigraphy (medical technique)
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From FY 2008 onwards, UNICEF redirected VASD funds via the HBFs, thus a large increase is seen in CCHP allocations from then.
VASD funding accounted for 92% of the total nutrition funds, or $1.3 million (Table 1), of which 92.5% is from the HBF.
Figure 9 compares the scattered [E.sub.z] field along the negative-x axis, computed by using DM approach; DM approach using MBFs; DM approach with HBFs; and, with those obtained from Mie Series [4].
Table 1 compares the number of unknowns required to solve the problem using (i) DM approach alone; (ii) with MBFs and (iii) with HBFs. Table 1 shows that the use of HBFs significantly reduces the number of unknowns without sacrificing the accuracy, as may be seen by referring to Figure 9.
Also, we can reduce the number of HBFs as we go down in frequency, since the current distribution will not vary rapidly at lower frequencies.
The rotator outputs I5/Q5 are fed to 14 stages of HBFs and decimators (referred as HBF6 to HBF19), with each filter running at half the rate of the previous one.
The filter behavior was evaluated for simple A values: for F1 to F3 and HBF6 to HBF19 the chosen gain A is 3/8 = 0.375 = 1/2-1/8, obtained by two fixed shifts and one subtraction; for F4 two cascaded HBFs (F4a/F4b) with gains A = 0.5 and A = 0.375 are used.
She is a 25% shareholder in HBFS. Mr David, 48, owns 75%.
HBFS, which specialises in reducing inheritance tax, is being investigated following a referral by the Financial Conduct Authority.
HBFS said: "We have assured clients this matter affects just one account."