HBGFHeparin-Binding Growth Factor
HBGFHumboldt Botanical Gardens Foundation (Eureka, CA)
HBGFHeparin-Binding Polypeptide Growth Factor
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at 1555 ("As disclosed in Deuel's patent application, Deuel isolated and purified HBGF from bovine uterine tissue, found that it exhibited mitogenic activity, and determined the first 25 amino acids of the protein's N-terminal sequence.
As is conceded by Deuel, they generically encompass all DNA sequences encoding human and bovine HBGFs.
Claims 4 and 6 generically encompass all isolated/ purified DNA sequence (natural and synthetic) encoding human and bovine HBGFs, despite the fact that Deuel's application does not describe the chemical structure of, or tell how to obtain, any DNA or cDNA except the two disclosed cDNA molecules .