HBGIHistorically Black Graduate Institution (various schools)
HBGIHolson Burnes Group, Inc. (Rhode Island)
HBGIHistoric Burying Grounds Initiative (Boston, MA)
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(viii) ADRR (Average Daily Risk Range) [27]: it is the sum of LBGI and HBGI, calculated with the minimum and the maximum glucose value, respectively.
GRADE and M-VALUE showed that vildagliptin increased the glucose values near the respective target value, that is, 5.0 and 6.7 mmol/L (again, lower values compared to placebo); the higher value of LBGI and the lower value of HBGI consistently confirmed the glucose lowering effect of vildagliptin, also further confirmed by ADRR.
Significant relationships with HbA1c after treatment were also found for glucose median, GRADE, M-VALUE, hyperglycemia index, and HBGI, with typically stronger relationship in vildagliptin (R = 0.47-0.61, P = 0.01-0.0004 for vildagliptin, R = 0.42-0.56, P = 0.02-0.002 for placebo, resp.).