HBHGHey Boy Hey Girl
HBHGHoly Blood Holy Grail (book)
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'It is true that the book sales of both books have soared during the course of the trial (in the case of HBHG it is said to be a tenfold increase).
HBHG deals with a theory that Jesus and Mary Magdalene married, had a child and the bloodline continues to this day, with a secret society protecting their heirs against wicked conspiracies enacted by the church.
"This is an extraordinary claim that would surprise anyone who has read The Da Vinci Code after reading the HBHG."
Mr Rayner James said the HBHG was "historical conjecture" setting out the authors' hypothesis.
Making his closing submissions, John Baldwin QC, for Random House, said it was a "travesty" to suggest that Mr Brown had copied the central theme of HBHG and told the judge: "The claimants' case is now in tatters."
It had never been an issue that Mr Brown looked at HBHG during the process of writing his "hugely successful thriller".
He said the authors had invested a 'massive amount of their lives' researching the HBHG between 1976 and 1981.
But Dan Brown had said the HBHG was not "crucial or important" to the creation of the central theme of his novel and when he wrote his synopsis, he had not even read it.
Earlier, Jonathan Rayner James QC, representing the HBHG authors Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, asked why his clients' work was the most heavily marked of all of Mr Brown's books used to research DVC.
Pressed again whether other critics had backed the author's accusation that the DVC plot was based on the central theme of HBHG, Mr Baigent said: "I should have said 'appeared' to share."
"In the main, the ideas complained of were not original to HBHG anyway."
"In brief, the complaint appears to be that HBHG discloses the idea that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, that they had children which survived and married into a line of French kings, that the lineage continues today, and that there is a secret society based in France which has the objective of restoring this lineage to the thrones not only of France but to the thrones of other European nations as well, and that DVC uses some of this idea."