HBICHead Bitch in Charge
HBICHistory of the Book in Canada (research project)
HBICHertfordshire Business Incubation Centre (UK)
HBICHelp for Brain Injured Children (est. 1967; California)
HBICHead Boy in Charge
HBICHouse Business and Industry Committee (New Mexico State Legislature)
HBICHead Beauty In Charge
HBICHead Boss in Charge
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Nicknamed herself HBIC, for "head b***h in charge".
MFL, BTW, is the HBIC for Third Idea Consulting, which runs well despite his not having an MBA or PhD.
Avant d'aborder les percees permises par le projet Histoire du livre et de rimprime au Canada / History of the Book in Canada (HLIC/ HBiC), il convient d'en rappeler quelques grands parametres.