HBIEDHouse Born Improvised Explosive Device
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The HBIED follows the IED (improvised-explosive device-homemade bomb) and VBIED (vehicle-borne improvised-explosive device - car bomb) into a terrorist lexicon started in Iraq and subsequently transported to Afghanistan.
In an e-mail dated 17 December 2008, he described his ability to shoot GMLRS faster than he could air-drop a bomb on HBIEDs, and the level of comfort they developed with GMLRS' accuracy and effectiveness, "We were in the midst of clearing a neighborhood when one of my companies came upon a confirmed HBIED.
The alternative was to uncover and destroy the deep-buried IEDs (DBIEDs) or houseborne IEDs (HBIEDs) with successive shots manually emplaced by an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) team: "Our pre-assault intel proved quite accurate--that we faced up to 175 DBIEDs and also booby- trapped houses, or HBIEDs, in Baqubah.