HBIPSHospital Based Inpatient Psychiatric Services
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The announcement was welcomed by psychiatric healthcare providers and associations, since the HBIPS core measures represent the first widely recognized core set of safety, quality, and accountability measures for inpatient psychiatric treatment.
Like other Joint Commission core measure sets, the HBIPS measures were developed, refined, and tested under the guidance of a Technical Advisory Panel (TAP).
Then, through "painstaking" efforts by the Joint Commission's research team, the details of the seven HBIPS measures were fully specified and offered for "pilot" testing by interested institutions.
In light of sweeping healthcare reform in the U.S., the HBIPS measures symbolize a now-urgent need to integrate behavioral healthcare into the broader healthcare system.
The HBIPS measure set will be available starting with October 1 discharges for freestanding psychiatric hospitals and acute-care hospitals with psychiatric units.
To read about some of the history of the HBIPS measure set, visit www.behavioral.net/mccann0906.