HBLDHanson Baker Ludlow Drumheller (law firm, Washington)
HBLDHairy B-Cell Lymphoproliferative Disorder
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Detection of virulence genes--PCR assay was made for the identification of haemolytic BL complex genes namely, hblC, hblD and hblA and non-haemolytic genes such as nheA, nheB and nheC.
Detection ofvirulence genes: Representative amplicons of hblA, hblC and hblD encoding the enterotoxin HBL complex and nheA, nheB and nheC encoding the nonhaemolytic enterotoxin of NHE complex, are shown in Fig.
cereus investigados, 14,3% foram positivos para os tres genes que codificam a hemolisina BL (hblA, hblD e hblC); 55,7% apresentaram um ou dois desses genes e nenhum dos tres genes foi detectado em 25,7% dos isolados.