HBMCHistoric Buildings and Monuments Commission (aka English Heritage; UK)
HBMCHillcrest Baptist Medical Center (Waco, TX)
HBMCHome Based Mothers Card
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Each team member involved in different aspects of HBMC and CareMap development was identified.
Phase 1: Consultation and Development of HBMC Concept
Feedback to the staff is of major importance during this time, because HBMC was a change in practice patterns and delivery of care.
Tabulation of costs for instituting HBMC and the first CareMap is shown in Table 5.
Total Cost of Initiation of Hospital Based Managed Care Phases Hours Costs Phase 1 - Consultation and HBMC Development 284.
One of the strengths of HBMC is a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.
Some of the team members changed from the first to the third map, but because of daily use of the other maps, all participating members were familiar with the HBMC concept and CareMap development.
Costs for an Additional CareMap Phases Hours Costs Phase 1 - Consultation, Development of HBMC concept 0 hours 0 Phase 2 - Development of the CareMap 336 hours $ 8,810 Total to date 336 hours $8,810
The Stable Outlook reflects Fitch's expectation that over the medium term, strong cash flow generation and the integration of HBMC and KDH will result in liquidity and leverage metrics more comparable to 'AA' category medians.