HBMPHandle to a Bit Map
HBMPHuman Bone Morphogenetic Protein
HBMPHuman Bone Marrow Progenitor
HBMPHazardous Materials Business Plan
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From an architectural point of view, the benefits of the new HBMP technology extend beyond the performance made possible by a greater use of RAM, by improving three key aspects for more effective processing:
HBMP technology fully parallelizes BOARD processing to effectively leverage multi-core architecture.
Thanks to the adoption of a new mathematical model, the HBMP technology makes it possible to map the multidimensional structure of data held in-memory at bit level.
HBMP technology dramatically improves high user concurrency in BOARD.
The testing activities conducted on HBMP have produced excellent results in terms of performance improvements on all main components of BOARD:
In addition to the release of the HBMP technology, version 7.4 contains a series of functional improvements, including:
Migration to the new HBMP technology does not compromise applications, reports and analyses developed in BOARD.
HBMP technology brings a futuristic blend of in-memory computing and capability to support the simulation and planning processes, with results that none of our competitors are currently able to match.”
In 6 patients, the investigators were able to pull the arm out to at or near its original length and then "used hBMP bone as a bridge," said Johnson, adding that all 6 patients healed.
Johnson predicted that hBMP would work in any bone that has good muscle around it.