HBMSHodges Bend Middle School (Texas)
HBMSHudson Bay Mining and Smelting (Manitoba, Canada)
HBMSHandsome Boy Modeling School (band)
HBMSHuman Behavior Monitoring and Support (project)
HBMSHousing Benefit Matching Service (UK)
HBMSHudson Bend Middle School (Austin, TX)
HBMSHoward Bishop Middle School (Gainesville, FL)
HBMSHenry B. Dupont Middle School (Delaware)
HBMSHuman Bone Marrow Stromal Cell (medicine)
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777 has turned HBMS around, closure at or before 2004 having looked likely due to the exhaustion of economic ore sources.
Therefore, we believe that the HBMS model provides a more intuitive approach for specifying browsing semantics.
By allowing developers to tailor and extend the built-in classes of the HBMS and tool integrator dynamically, the editors enable rapid prototyping of alternate data models, HBMSs and system architectures.
HBMS has done no further work on the process and is still finalizing its smelter modernization options.
Figure 3 illustrates the typical relationship between an HBMS and its client applications.
In other words, the developer has to think in terms of the provided HBMS support when designing the other layers of the system.
Each bagged core sample was transported to the HBMS assay laboratory in Flin Flon, Manitoba where it was dried, crushed and pulverized and a 250 gram sample was prepared for assaying.
who is employed by HBMS as Senior Mines Analyst and who is a Qualified Person under NI 43-101.
The town of Flin Flon in Manitoba, Canada, was established back in 1928 and soon after that the original HBMS plant was built.
The Bank of Nova Scotia may consent to increasing the credit facility to $50 million if HBMS satisfies certain conditions.
The purchase of White Pine will provide a dedicated processing facility for HBMS copper anodes and will significantly reduce our operating costs for refining copper", said Peter Jones, President & CEO of HudBay.
White Pine has processed the copper anode produced by HBMS into refined copper cathode for a number of years and this will continue after the acquisition," said Mr.