HBOCHBO & Co of Georgia
HBOCHereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer
HBOCHemoglobin-Based Oxygen Carrier
HBOCHawke's Bay Orienteering Club (New Zealand)
HBOCHunter Bird Observers Club
HBOCHorse Breeders and Owners Conference
HBOCHarbor Boulevard of Cars
HBOCHemoglobin Bovine Oxygen Carrier
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McKesson HBOC understands that the distribution of pharmaceuticals is complicated, and that a high quality of customer service is essential.
After HBOC administration to patients, there is a dose-related presence in plasma of soluble Hb and a marked red coloration of plasma.
This piece fits nicely into the HBOC pieces that are already assembled.
The McKesson HBOC pro forma results affirm the strength of the combined company, with earnings per share growth for the past three and nine months in excess of our 35% target," says president and chief executive officer Mark Pulido.
In conclusion, use of HBOC-201 does not interfere with many clinical laboratory tests to the extent of negating its clinical use as an artificial HBOC.
The fragmentation of health care information and therapeutic product supply among the many sites and organizations involved in health care delivery is a major impediment to improving clinical outcomes and achieving productivity gains," says the statement from McKesson president and chief executive officer Mark Pulido and Charles McCall, chairman, president and chief executive officer of HBOC.
The move gives HBOC an additional base of 475 customers, many of these solid IBM AS/400 users, a product area that HBOC previously lacked.
The consolidated securities class action, which is described in more detail in the company's Form 10-K for its fiscal year ended March 31, 2004, was initiated following the discovery in April 1999 of accounting improprieties at HBOC, which was acquired by McKesson in January 1999.
After having indicted the HBOC wrongdoers long ago, the prosecutor has no legitimate basis for belatedly dragging an innocent man into a criminal case five years after the fact.
The Merrill Lynch Funds charge that a massive accounting fraud occurred at HBOC before and following its 1999 acquisition by McKesson Corporation.
As part of its ongoing companywide goal to have the most satisfied customers in the industry, McKesson HBOC, Inc.
Prospective Health Products, wholly owned and operated by McKesson HBOC, Inc.