HBORHonours Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation (Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada)
HBORHays Board of Realtors (Hays, KS)
HBORHandboek Beheer Openbare Ruimte (handbook for maintenance of public space)
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As the first state to enact an HBOR only did so in 2012, there are "no published legal decisions that address the question of [employment] discrimination .
Nevertheless, the Title VII disparate-impact claim in the homeless advocacy context is novel, and a law like an HBOR that is more directly targeted to ending discrimination against homeless individuals may have more success.
As of the end of September 2013, HBOR had total assets of HRK26.
The HBOR requirements overlap a great deal with the servicing rules issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in January, says attorney Joseph Lynyak III, partner with Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP in Los Angeles.
Safe harbor: Lenders and servicers are not liable for any violation of HBOR if it is corrected prior to the recording of a deed of sale.
HBOR and Croatia have the same ratings, given the bank's central role in encouraging country's exports and its tight integration with the state which controls 100% of its capital and keeps a close watch on its finances and strategy.
HBORs ratings are supported by its manageable risk profile, prudent lending and borrowing, strong capitalisation and good access to international funding despite the recent recession, S&P added.
7% of legal-person credit placements accounts for subsidized credits for tourism development in cooperation with HBOR.
Obviously, the credit periods differ, but they are within the proposed HBOR programs.
This is the second part of a credit line for SMEs totalling EUR 500 million, aimed at underpinning the countrys economic recovery after several years of recession; the first EUR 250 million tranche advanced to HBOR, which is owned 100% by the Republic of Croatia, was signed in 2014.
Her neig hbors are equally charmed by the handsome garden that reflects the area's easygoing lifestyle.
A hbors krok kijavtsa sorn az pletet tbbszr talaktottk, a termeket sszekto boltves nylsokat tptettk.