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HBPHigh Blood Pressure
HBPHit By Pitch (baseball)
HBPHalf Blood Prince (Harry Potter book)
HBPHarvard Business Publishing (est. 1994)
HBPHome Buyers' Plan (Canada)
HBPHuman Brain Project (EU)
HBPHighway Bridge Program (US DOT)
HBPHousing, Building and Planning (various organizations)
HBPHealthy Baby Program (various organizations)
HBPHome Based Program
HBPHot Bituminous Pavement
HBPHeld by Production (status of an oil and gas lease that is producing in paying quantities)
HBPHarbor Bay Parkway (Alameda, CA)
HBPHacienda Business Park (California)
HBPHospital-Based Physician
HBPHost-Based Printing (computer printer capability)
HBPHagerstown Bookbinding and Printing (Hagerstown, MD)
HBPHerr Bundespräsident
HBPHope But Plan
HBPHoldem Brest Poker (French poker club)
HBPHeffernan Builders Providers (Ireland)
HBPHistory-Based Predictor
HBPHydrogen Behavior Program
HBPHarvard Botany Page
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Among other associated factors, the conditions of being overweight and obese are considered to be the determing factors of HBP because they trigger several physiological mechanisms that result in HBP in young people (25).
John Gait, Husky's President and CEO, said: "We are excited about our partnership with Solvay and the potential that Verian HBP presents in minimising the impact PET packaging has on the environment.
This multicenter trial compared HBP monitoring to 24-hour ABPM in 286 patients with uncomplicated essential hypertension to determine the optimal percentage of HBP readings needed to diagnose uncontrolled BP (HBP [greater than or equal to] 135/85 mm Hg).
Graphic image of HBP purified from pooled seminal plasma of cross-bred bulls is shown in Figure 3, which indicated two peaks of unbound (non-HBP) and bound proteins (HBP).
For obtaining the TPS, tapioca starch granules were blended with 40 wt% of HBP by using a Thermo Scientific torque rheometer at 150[degrees]C and a speed of 100 rpm.
The epithelial lining of HBP mucosa showed focal areas of hyperplasia with marked suprabasal apoptosis.
Based on this, this year's HBP session is divided thematically into three sections: the HPC platform, simulation activities and neuromorphic computing approaches.
State of Georgia data explains that death from CVD may be related to a number of risk factors such as lack of regular exercise, poor diet, HBP, high cholesterol, and diabetes (Georgia Department of Community Health, 2009).
The HBP board, which in February announced it was disbanding the three-person executive committee that was running the project, is due to meet on 17 March to make a decision on the proposals from the working groups.
If you've got HBP and are younger than 60 or have kidney disease or diabetes, begin HBP medication at a systolic pressure of 140 or higher and diastolic pressure of 90 or higher.
Scientists from 135 institutions, mostly in Europe, will be involved in the HBP that has been co-funded by EU, the BBC reported.