HBPOHella Behr Plastic Omnium (Lippstadt, Germany; auto parts producer)
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HBPO was formed in 2004 as an equal joint venture between the three automotive suppliers Hella, Plastic Omnium, and Behr.
Anja Sprenger, president of HBPO North America, stated that the company plans to add 'just in sequence' production facilities next year to support two major auto makers with assembly plants in Aguascalientes and Saltillo, Mexico.
Sprenger stated that HBPO unit sales in North America are expected to grow from sales of 883,000 units in 2016 to more than 1.
HBPO GmbH (Lippstadt, Germany), a strategic joint venture between Hella, Behr, and Plastic Omnium that's focused on front-end modules, is, according to Tomas Hedenborg, president and CEO, "the only company worldwide specializing in front-end modules.
Given this projected increase in outsourced modules, the question is why an OEM would turn to HBPO.
Chapter 4 Manufacturers Here, the report sets out profiles of the major manufacturers, namely Calsonic Kansei, Denso, Faurecia, HBPO, Magna International and Peguform.
In this chapter we highlight the activity of the major market players, and include comments from key executives at the main manufacturers, such as Massimo Graziano, Marketing and Communications Manager at HBPO, and Claude Marchadour, Marketing Director, front-end modules at Faurecia.
Chapter 4: Manufacturers - This chapter includes profiles of the major manufacturers, namely, Calsonic Kansei, Decoma International, Daenso, Faurecia, HBPO, Peguform, Plastal and Visteon.
Chapter four provides brief profiles of the major front-end module manufacturers, namely, Calsonic Kansei, Decoma International, Denso, Dynamit Nobel, Faurecia, HBPO, Peguform and Visteon.
HERMOSILLO, Mexico -- HBPO GmbH, a joint-venture company formed by automotive suppliers Hella, Behr and Plastic Omnium, has opened a new 12,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Hermosillo, Mexico.
The company also will display a unique front-end module developed by HBPO - a Hella joint venture with Behr and Plastic Omnium.
Headquartered in Lippstadt, Germany, HBPO will have dedicated facilities at Plastic Omnium's international research and development center in Lyon, France.